World Premiere of Anna Karenina by Yuri Possokhov. Photo by Cheryl Mann

Anna Karenina, ballet in two acts

Choreographer: Yuri Possokhov
Libretto by Valeriy Pecheykin
Costune and Sets Designer: Tom Pye
Music Director: Scott Speck

Joffrey Ballet of Chicago

The world premiere took place on February 13, 2019 at Auditorium Theater (Chicago, IL).

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"Whether pulsatingly harsh or liltingly melodious, Demutsky’s supple and unashamedly old-school score is beautifully presented by Joffrey music director Scott Speck and the Chicago Philharmonic. At its best it literally mirrors every turn in Tolstoy’s tale. The balletic poles range from stridently social scenes set at engagement balls and the racecourse (with the ensemble terrifically in tandem in their communal celebrations) to agonizingly intimate duets that deliver every detail of whatever liaison takes center stage" - (read here)

“Anna Karenina” revels in composer Demutsky’s glorious music, rooted in the distinctive tradition of Russian romanticism. - (read here)

"Demutsky's music and Possokhov's choreography interweave in an extremely harmonic way showing Anna's personality and various states of her mind" -

DailyHerald (read here)

"Movements are complemented beautifully by an original score for the work, composed by Ilya Demutsky. Throughout the performance, the ballet plays a delicate dance between modernism and classicism, love and loss, minimalism and opulence, the abstract and the familiar. It was mesmerizing, so much so that time moved quickly for a story that is more emotional than focused on a fast-paced plot" -

ThirdCoastReview (read here)